Data Analysis

Providing you insights and recommendations on the metrics that are valuable to your business.

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A Better Understanding of the User Journey

The interactions of your visitors on your website, app or social media channels can give you a better understanding of their needs.

By implementing on-spot data collection strategies; we keep you in-the-know about what your customers are looking for and how you can better serve them.

How data analysis works

The latest web technologies and analytical tools now enable you to better analyse the consumer behaviour by unobtrusively exploring the on-site engagement.

By implementing key web tracking and analytical tools; we can provide you with valuable feedback on how you can improve the user experience, increase the performance of your marketing strategy and optimise conversion rates.

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Goals and Measurement Plan

We initially establish key user engagement metrics that are important to your business. This allows us to present you with the right KPIs you should be focusing on.


Tracking Setup

We use both in-house and third party tools to set up tracking on your website to collect the most accurate data.


Analytical Reports

An in-depth report can highlight many important user journeys you should focus on, how visitors are using your website and what you can do to improve audience engagement.


Recommendations That Can Make a Difference

With the help of the data-backed insights we gather, we can recommend improvement points or new campaign ideas to optimise your marketing efficiency and audience reach.

Key Insights

– User Experience (UX) Research

– Advanced Web Analytics

– Ecommerce Tracking

– Content Audit

– Conversion Rate Optimisation

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